Saturday, February 1, 2014

Welcome, readers!

I'm happy to be joining the blogosphere!  


I'm an author of historical novels, mostly set in America 
(I jumped the pond to Ireland once, in reverse of what my grandmother Teresa did in 1893).

Here's my website, containing more than you ever wanted to know about me--

The Name

I was going to call this blog Turtle Crossing, but that was taken.  
I popped in a Algonquin word that means "the place of the spirits"  
and clear sailing ahead...who knew?  

I hope you can find me here, and I hope you enjoy your time!

Deep blessings



  1. Welcome to the intertubes!
    Proud to be your first fan and looking forward to your thoughts.

  2. Turtle Crossing was taken?! Fools! Welcome, Mom!

  3. Looking forward to reading you!

  4. How wonderful, Eileen. I look forward to hearing your Turtle Crossing thoughts and words. I'm a fan already!

  5. Another fan here, checking in. Looking forward to deeper-than-FB-Eileen-ness. :-)

  6. Forgot to hit notify me so I'm doubling back and correcting that oversight. Don't want to miss a blog.

  7. Always happy to see you at the keyboard, Eileen!

  8. Yay! Eileen's joined us in the blogosphere! Too bad about Turtle Crossings, but Manituwak is very cool! Do you have a follow button? Or a way to get your posts by email? Don't want to miss out...!